New York City- round 2

I spent this past week in New York City! I went with my school, UVU to go see museums and meet some amazing people involved in the photography industry. While there I was able to set up a shoot for me and a few students! I wanted it to be funky but still have that classic New York street feel.

Bridals- Tia

Tia is the prettiest pretend bride there ever was! I took these fun photos for a class, set up by Justin Hackworth. It was so fun to shoot this styled shoot!

Pines and Palms

Aloha!! I'm in Hawaii for the week getting to shoot some of the cutest swimsuits! Every where you look in Hawaii it is picture perfect!!! there will be a lot more to come! 

New York City

I spent this past weekend in New York exploring the city and meeting people. I took a morning to organize a shoot that will help me to work towards completing my BFA show. I'm focusing on the design of clothes, what they emulate and how designers came upon their designs. This is just the start of exploring possibilities for this project, and I'm excited to see what else will come from it! 


Shoes are something we see everyday. These different shoes can give our feet life. In my case I see shoes as a thing that is fun and a reason to interact with others. I made a commercial like video to show case shoes. The target audience is woman from the age of 15 to 35. The hope is that these woman find the video fun and wanting more. 


Valentines day was this past week so I wanted to do a shoot to put my own spin on the holiday. We often see the holiday as a pink, red, and bright holiday. But I wanted to portray it in a dark romantic way, soemthing more subdue.

Venus of Willendorf Inspiration

The Venus of Willendorf is one of the earliest statues known to man. It is a representation of a female figure which portrays fertility. I've always liked this statue and the uniqueness that it caries. There is a anonymous nature to the figure yet represents the female figure in a way that may not be ideal to our times but was in the time it was produced. I wanted my model to emulate different features that the sculpture has, and what we tie with fertility today. This was my modern take on this historical sculpture. 

Double sided

We have a perceived way that we look at people, often we "judge a book by its cover." I wanted to show how someone may not be who you think they are at first glance. I approached these photographs in a shocking and dramatic way. I love story telling through my photographs and being able to evoke an emotion out of the veiwer. 

Studio Engagements- Paisley and Alec

Engagements are often taken outside combining a location and a couple. Taking engagement photos with in a studio allows for the focus to be on the couple in love with out any distractions. Paisley and Alec are so playful and they couldn't stop laughing. I could tell so quickly how calm and comfortable they are with each other. We blasted music, danced, and I got to watch the love these two have for each other unfold in front of my eyes.